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About Our Agency

Mission Statement

JomsVikings is the leader in Executive Protection in the Midwest. In our pursuit of perfection we will obtain excellence. All of our employees are professionals that have previous experience in the military or law enforcement, and many of them have both. We take our honor and integrity with us to better serve our communities. We stand for our communities, our friends, and our families.

Who We Are
We are here to protect life and property. No other company trains as much or as hard. We’ve logged more training hours in 6 months than most companies log in 5 years. All employee's are prior military and law enforcement.

“There are costs and risk to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”

John F. Kennedy

About Our Agency

Our company name has a history. Viking mercenaries known as Jomsvikings once protected kings and queens from attacks from their enemies in battle and at home.

Our protection agents value the courage and honor in protection. All of our employees are built from warrior backgrounds: US Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Specialists. This ensures that our clients are protected by well-trained professionals from whatever threats they encounter.

Life and Property Is Your Right

We provide a service to those that need it the most. Life and property is your right!

In the United States, our police force is not always quickly available! Our company is there for you, we are a quick response team that creates an individualized plan for your company and or home. We train as much as we can together to be a highly cohesive team and to make sure you are safe.

We are trained for all of this; all our employees have unique military backgrounds that we try to tailor fit your situation in protecting you and your family or businesses. During the Minneapolis riots of 2020, we stationed multiple protection agents near small businesses, all with battlefield medical and civilian medical training, to help aid peaceful protesters who were injured all while building a rapport with the community to help them rally and help protect their local family-owned businesses.