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School Safety

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Armed Security

At JomsVikings Protection & Security, we provide school safety services and security consulting for educational institutions. Let us help create a safe and effective learning environment by providing actionable recommendations and armed security services.

While on-campus, our security guards understand and provide security detail for day-to-day threats. Our on-site security team specializes in resolving and preventing active shooters. Reducing active shooter threats is pertinent in today’s world. Our team of experts understands how to identify, prevent, and resolve these threats. With our Armed Security services, each school receives two members of our security team who will de-escalate threats and respond to active shooters, if necessary.

Armed Guards

JomsVikings Service

School Security Training Programs

Our team has developed a training program for schools and their staff to understand how to spot and react to an active shooter scenario. Preventing violence on school property is our number one goal. To do that, we must prepare staff and students for violent situations and implement response plans. Educating teachers and staff on active shooter protocols and proper responses to school violence are crucial to school safety today. Our training program is about proactive approaches that aim to analyze and resolve threats instead of shortsighted reactive responses.


JomsVikings Service

Event Security

Our armed security team can be present for any event on or off campus. It is important to have the same procedures and security at school events as it is during the normal school day.  Our team of experts are on-site to assess any risk factors or scenarios in real time.

On or Off Campus

JomsVikings Service

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are important for institutions to ensure they are up to date and prepared in their procedures. Our team of experts provides a seamless audit of your school’s current security drills and day-to-day security precautions.


JomsVikings Service

Protective Intelligence

Our Protective Intelligence services permit our team to utilize intelligence software to detect any harmful activity in a geographical area. This is vital as many threats can be detected on the internet before they appear on school grounds. We use specialized software to customize alerts for each school. With this pro-active approach to security, protection starts outside school grounds, not just on campus. 


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