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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our guard services are at wherever you need professional security.

Executive protection deals with personal security or “bodyguarding” around the clock. We can match the uniform that you specify and make certain that you are always protected.

Canine services are used for all types of security to keep our clients safe.

We highly encourage our officers to be armed within the letter of the law and prefer that they are safe rather than sorry.

We’ll surveil anyone that you need surveilled. We’re proficient and practical in our methods and the surveilled will not even know that they are being studied.

Transport security include low profile services that can require discreet transportation such as: valuable transfers, cannabis transport, and/or monetary assets.

We provide and passive and explicit security depending on the needs of your parish.

The cost of JomsVikings is based off of your needs, but in order to learn more about our costs we will need to need to know more about your needs. 

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