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Protection And Security Agency

Professional Security & Bodyguard Services in the Minneapolis Metro

Our Services

Jomsvikings Security company is a “white glove” security service. Our employee’s are trained in customer service and emergency medicine. With More Than 20,000 hours of close protection experience.

Trusted & Respected

We pride ourselves on being protection specialists that value honor, integrity, and duty. Unlike most security companies, we only offer the best-trained bodyguards in Minnesota. For all your close-protection needs, we’re the best trained and prepared company out there. Our employees are all pulled from the hardest working security contractors in Minnesota, military veterans, and law enforcement.

Training Courses

JomsVikings is a Protection and Security company in the Minneapolis Metro. We offer professional protection services to individuals, media, places of business, and more.

MN Pre-Assignment Training Certification

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute §326.3361, the Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services has prescribed training requirements.

Executive Protection Class Level 1 (2 day course)

An executive protection professional is a bodyguard trained to protect executive or high-profile individuals – such as business or corporate executives, political office holders, and royalty.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Course

The Minnesota Multi-State Permit to Carry Class is a class that will cover all of the basic safety principals and laws regarding the Minnesota Personal Protection Act to safely and responsibly carry a firearm.

Still Have A Question?

We respect that. It’s important to do your research when choosing which security company to guard your back.

Area of Operation

JomsVikings Operates only in the Minnesota state borders.