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Protection Services

JomsVikings Service

Close Protection

Our team is experienced, highly trained, and ready to respond to the needs of our clients. We strive to raise the standard of training and exceed all state and federal training requirements.

Our Expertise

Our team can quickly deploy to meet any of our client’s emerging needs, including:


Executive Protection

Media/News Crew Security

Event Security

Transport Security


Labor Disputes/Strike Security

Residential Security

Corporate Security


JomsVikings Service

Executive Protection

Our private protection bodyguards conduct assessments of possible vulnerabilities and threats. In efforts to mitigate risks and exposures to threats to you. We are here to provide you with the best executive protection Minnesota can offer.

24/7 Protection Details, Protection Drivers & K9 Protection

Permanent and Temporary

Estate and Residential


JomsVikings Service

Advance Teams

If you already have executive protection services, we offer advancement teams for your incoming arrival. Site Survey, route planning, full detailed contact lists of emergency services in the predestined area. Including police, EMS, fire response times, and risk assessments.

24/7 Advance Teams

Permanent and Temporary


JomsVikings Service

Transport Security

You have something valuable that needs to go from Point A to Point B, we got you covered. Our low-profile transport security services work to ensure we are as discreet as possible while transporting your needs.

Our Expertise

Our expertly trained security transport is dressed as casual as can be while being armed and outfitted properly for the task. We work diligently to find the safest route for transport instead of creating an easy routine route. Our insurance is our training. We have put our security teams through law enforcement evasive driving tactics, and surveillance detection and are trained in military counter-ambush movements. Expertly trained and efficient.


JomsVikings Service

K9 Protection Services

Our certified K9 and handlers are trained in protection, bomb ordnance, narcotics, and bed bugs. K9 Protection Services are perfect for adding on to your protection detail, estate, and residential security.

Explosion Odor Detection K9’s: For any large event, concert, sports, embassy, hotels, schools

Narcotics Odor Detection K9’s: Services are offered to halfway homes, private residences, schools

Bed Bugs Odor Detection K9’s: These services are generally offered towards the hospitality industry like hotels/motels

K9 Unit

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